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EQ-Investigations is experienced in conducting corporate enquiries.

Fraud and theft investigations, in case of suspicion of employee misconduct
We trace the employees’ wherebouts through covert operations.

A staff member misuses working time for personal gain or personal reasons.  He’s taking advantage of the system for his own benefit. There are cases known concerning excessive expenditure of company credit cards.
An employee member misuses company resources, to develop his own illegal trade, for example theft of company assets.
A sales representative reports that he’s very busy. There is a suspicion of false call and visit reports. He visits places and regions that have nothing to do with the job.
An experienced staff member is regularly unauthorised absent and works for another emloyer in the same industry.

Workplace violence of any kind, for example discrimination, harassment or bullying
An undercover detective observes a working environment, investigates an incident, collects evidence or interviews employees.

Fraud & disloyal competition
Someone misappropriates trade secrets and provides confidential or inaccurate information to competitors and customers.
A member of staff is planning to leave the company and signs a non-compete agreement.  After leaving his job, he starts working for a specific competitor and violates the non-compete clause.
A swindler (“fence”) sells company goods on the black market, at a bargain price.
A business associate might be trying to defraud you.

Mystery shopping & test purchases
A company receives a complaint and want to evaluate their customer services.  EQ-Investigations can pass by as a "mystery guest" and make discreet observations. After conducting the mystery shopping visit, the private detective writes a detailed comprehensive report.

Pre-employment screening
A company is looking for a candidate for a management position. The manager asks for a background check on an applicant who refers to an impressive career.  Find out if the person you have met, is as honest as he seems.

Solvability investigations
An entrepreneur is considering setting up a company with a business partner.  He wants detailed information about his future business partner, who claims to be very wealthy and ambitious.

The above-mentioned list is not exhaustive.  Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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