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1. Which type of investigations are listed in the law regulating the profession of private detective?

A licensed private investigator is allowed to investigate the following matters:
  • searching for missing persons, lost or stolen property;
  • gathering information on the marital status, conduct, morality and assets of individuals;
  • gathering evidence or establishing facts which give rise to or are likely to give rise to conflicts between persons, or which may be used to put an end to these conflicts;

  • industrial espionage.
If you would like more details on the legally permitted research domains, check vigilis . Our investigator team is highly qualified and determined to find a solution. Every investigator can show you a unique private detective identification card.

2. Is a private detective an individual with all kinds of disguises?

No, we are regular individuals. A private detective behaves discreetly, is not disguised, completed a specific training at a certified centre and developes continiously through substantial investment in life-long learning and retraining. The profession of private investigator is regulated in Belgium. Every licensed investigator has to respect the duty of confidentiality, which means that we won’t divulge to any other person, except as otherwise required by law, any information acquired by him or her except at the direction of the employer or client for whom the information was obtained. Do not hesitate to arrange a meeting with EQ-Investigations. Together we create a plan of action and discuss all details of our agreement.

3. Does an experienced private detective achieves perfect results in no time at all?

You probably know the image of a TV-detective who solves a problem within 45 minutes, with a happy end. The image of an action hero is far removed from reality because it’s impossible to make any predictions. We expext the unexpected. EQ-Investigations does everything possible to reveal the truth. Thanks to our cooperation with experts, there are a lot of possibilities and excellent results. You can be sure that we respect your privacy. We have become accustomed to investigate delicate and highly confidential matters, without judgment. We prefer reality and honesty to apparent "miracles".

4. Is the evidence admissible for court?

Any private detective must comply with the law regulating the profession of private detective of 19 July 1991. In addition, investigators must take into account the privacy act, the law concerning electronic communications, the penal code, labour act,… . The privacy of every citizin is protected in a variety of ways. These include, for example, strict regulation concerning spying of citizens, the prohibition of collecting certain privacy-sensitive information and restrictions on means and methods, General Data Protection Regulation. At no time during the course of the investigation, a private detective will break the law or violate ethical standards. However, our investigators will use every legal means necessary to track an individuals’ whereabouts. Our expert team always seeks to obtain a legally valid report in court.
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