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The past couple of years, EQ-Investigations has developed considerable expertise in the private consultancy field.

Investigations of time allocation of your child or another family member
We trace an individuals’ wherebouts through covert operations, because of your concern about a significant family member.  For example investigating a juvenile who has started a harmful habit, a child regularly running away, or suspected drug use, or a suspicious circle of friends.

Investigations based on irretrievable breakdown of marriage, for instance marital infidelity
We are looking for elements which proove unreaonable behaviour and the irreparable breach of the marriage.  More specifically, it concerns the lasting dislocation of marriage (for example evidence of adultery, violence, gambling,…).

Locating the residential address of a person concerned
An important person suddenly leaves. Everything has yet to be arranged. For example a tenant had disappeared and cannot be found. Another example is domiciliary fraud or deception concerning the actual place of residence.

Family law investigations and custody disputes, alimony issues, property distribution, maintenance and benefits beween former spouses, observation of visitation
For example your ex-spouse claims that the arrangement concerning parental access has been correctly practized, but you suspect that something is wrong.  You’ve heard a rumour that your child will be picked up after school by a stranger.

Professional screening of individuals
EQ-Investigations is licensed to do morality investigations, for example screening a tenant or a pre-marital investigation. 
EQ-investigations also searchs for missing persons, for instance tracing a heir-at-law.
A "background-screening" results in a professional, legal report on the background and lifestyle of a person concerned.  

The above-mentioned list is not exhaustive.  Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
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