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EQ-investigations aims to guide every honest client integrally and qualitatively in their search for information and evidence.

An integral and qualitative approach consists of:

Emotional intelligence (EQ):
We believe that every customer can use his own emotional intelligence and make successful choices, if he’s willing to self-reflect.  We have empathy and care about your feelings. For example, we will never promise you that we will find a missing person if there is no indication at all.

Discretion / integrity:
Your request is extremely confidential. We do not take any steps without your prior written consent. We cooperate with experienced licensed male and female experts who can assist you with your enquiry. Every private investigator is certified by the Federal ministry of Home Affairs.  

We use legal, modern technological means, with the advantage of saving time and money. We work within the legal limits , to prevent that the evidence found may not be admissible in court. Our investigators will use every legal means necessary to find useful information for our clients.

Honesty & transparency: 
We promise to give you a clear outline of our private investigator fees once we fully understand your case and your needs.
We use a no-nonsense communication style and present you a daily update of the observations, followed by a crystal-clear reporting. 

Common sense:
Our investigators trust on common sense and professionalism. They have knowledge about many areas of life, but are tolerant and non-judgmental.  They use their curiosity, the eager to learn, to help every decent client.

Options: research and/or personal coaching:
If you opt for research, we will do everything possible to provide you important information, in order to clarify the situation. 
In addition we offer one-to-one personal coaching paths for very occupied persons and energetic go-getters, who collide on their limits of growth and who want to make well-considered choices. 

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